Of course, EBN is your preferred supplier of the widest selection of supplies from the brands you love. But EBN is also your business partner, offering complex business solutions to solve the problems that affect you and your industry.

Industries Served

EBN serves a broad range of industries and organizations. Services rendered range from managed inventory racks and vending units, to on-demand delivery of supply stock, to emergency shipments of critical parts, to over-the-counter sales.


Inventory Management

Optimal supply item inventory control is a critical objective for any maintenance and repair organization (MRO) within a company. EBN simplifies this process by offering inventory services managed by either EBN or your internal organization.


Delivery Service

Delivery service provided by EBN is available within approximately 60 miles of each EBN location. All stock items will be shipped no later than next day if requested, while non-stock or special items will depend on availability. Alternative delivery methods such as common carrier or will-call counter pickup are also available.


Paperless Invoicing

The business world moves fast. EBN knows you demand prompt, low-cost efficiency from your suppliers. You can't afford to sort through paper, wait a week for bills to arrive, or maintain shredding, faxing, and scanning equipment. EBN is proud to say that our standard billing method is paperless.