EBN Company History

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Evansville Bolt & Nut Inc. was started in August of 1989 in Evansville, Indiana. Ron Brown, the original owner, started the company by specializing in the distribution of fasteners. With a growing clientele, it was obvious that expansion was needed. Evansville Bolt & Nut Inc. then decided to open another branch. In 1994 the Henderson, Kentucky branch opened.

Evansville Bolt & Nut continued to grow as it opened up four more branches. In 1996, the Mt. Vernon, Illinois branch was opened and later that year the fourth branch in Jasper, Indiana opened. Evansville Bolt & Nut then acquired Bolk Industrial Supply in Vincennes, Indiana in 1998, making the fifth branch. Big changes came with the opening of this branch. Evansville Bolt & Nut became EBN Construction and Industrial Supplies. The name change reflected the changes that the company was undergoing.

Not only was the company growing in size, but it was growing with new products. Now offering power tools, hand tools, safety equipment and other various construction and industrial supplies, EBN was becoming more well known in these product lines outside of fasteners. Just two years later in 2000, the sixth branch in Owensboro, Kentucky was opened.

In 2002 long-time employees, Jeff Harding, Don Long, and Eric Postletheweight purchased EBN from Ron Brown. Since then we have focused on developing a friendly, knowledgeable staff that concentrates on customer service. The EBN team believes that great customer service is key in developing a successful business. Now EBN is not only known nationally, but they also ship internationally. Goals for the future include growth in size and growth in sales. EBN would like to open more branches and gain more national and international business.

2010 saw continued growth as EBN grew into Central Indiana with their seventh stocking warehouse in Terre Haute, Indiana.